About Us

Paul Mush, CEO

I grew up a car nut in Detroit. I did repairs, took apart motorcycles and sometimes put them back together and have read Car & Driver since I was 10 years old. My favorite car was a 1965 Pontiac GTO (yes, it had tri-power) and my second favorite was a 1971 Monte Carlo SS454 (longest hood ever on a Chevy… the big motor was lost in there…).

I earned an Associates in Automotive Technology and also Electronics Technology at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan (both summa cum laude). I did this while working full time as a technician.

I moved out West and worked at Freightliner in Portland, OR as a technician in their Advanced Engineering Technology Center – I instrumented vehicles for tests. I was sent to truck drivers school so I could do EPA noise level tests – spent first two days backing up 40 foot double trailers between traffic cones…. and then terrorized myself negotiating the crazy bridges over the rivers there. I decided not to be pursue truck driving as a career.

I then worked in medical electronics doing R&D testing for pacemakers, repairing spectrophotometer-based blood chemistry analyzers, and as a clinical engineer at a hospital in Saudi Arabia for two years. I went back to college to get a B.S. in Physics from Colorado State and then to graduate school in engineering at U of M where I also worked at the Kellogg Eye Center fabricating research instrumentation and devices.

I taught automotive electronics at a trade school. I sold engine analyzers for Allen Testproducts – taught the techs how to diagnose cars. I ranked 9 out of 350. I joined Alldata when they were just starting out. They invented CD ROM information systems for auto repair. I created a sales process that became the standard for the company. I was their #1 rep out of over 300 and was promoted to national strategic alliance and national sales training positions. 

I sold service reminder card sales programs to new car dealers and got an insurance license so I could offer extended warranty programs online. I have a patent for an ultrasonic engine cleaning system.

I created an auto repair referral program for JD Powers Car Club back in the Internet free-for-all era. The idea was to get referrals from repair shop customers to buy new cars and from the refer repairs back to the repair shops. They imploded (after sinking in $500 Million) so I started my own program called CertiCard, an auto repair certification program. We checked complaint history with the Bureau of Auto Repair, did onsite inspections, evaluated technician training, equipment, and surveyed past customers. We had an affinity card deal with MBNA with rewards points. I signed up hundreds of shops and worked with the ASC trade association – gave preference to their members. I sold this business for 7 figures.

I have since consulted with CarHelp and RepairPal and was on the founding team at Certified Car Care.

My mission is to help you minimize risks by finding a local repair shop or other automotive business you can trust. I want to be able to tell my own mother, sister or daughter to go any listed shop, hand over your keys and not worry since they will treat you like family too.



Paul S. Mush, Technical Advisor

Paul (who just happens to have the same name as our CEO) is an accomplished automotive technician. He works on European cars in a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop in San Rafael, CA. He sees work done by other techs that did not have the training or special tools needed to work on Volvos. His shop would not attempt to work on Hondas for the same reasons.