FAQ Shops

Q. How does this program work?

Customers call us or send in an online request form so we can refer them to a trustworthy and competent local shop (mechanical repair, autobody or tire store). The shops are qualified considering available sources of information, some objective and impartial and others possibly subjective that must be interpreted.

Q. How does a shop qualify?

We look at factors in 5 categories:

  1. State Licensing – valid and in good standing.
  2. Shop Certifications – acceptance to various programs.
  3. Technician Certifications – ASE, I-CAR, trade school, college and more.
  4. Trade Associations – membership especially in those with high standards.
  5. Consumer Reviews – BBB and reviews sites are looked at but are superseded by our own customer surveys.

A subjective analysis is made to grant a pass to each category and overall. No one factor (other that state license suspension or revocation) decides the matter.

Q. Are you sending me coupon clippers?

No. We encourage customers to seek the best value. The most expensive repair is often the cheapest (the first time). We advise motorists to find a shop with demonstrated expertise in diagnostics and repair, that uses highest-quality parts and that has impeccable ethics and excellent customer service. We are purposely targeting the upper-tier demographic as defined by income level and vehicle type. Customers that want only the lowest priced repairs to told to look elsewhere. We discourage and never mention discounts. The customers we send you want the work done properly and are willing and able to pay for it. They will appreciate your efforts. They will be loyal and refer their friends.

Q. What does this cost?

You pay a 10% Marketing Fee (commission) based on the signed Repair Order for the jobs we send you. There are no set-up or monthly fees. You pay this fee only once for each new customer we get you. There are no fees for that customer in the future. You may want to consider what a new lifetime customer is worth and then compare it to our fee…

Q. Do you offer a guarantee?

Since you only pay a percentage on jobs you actually get, and no other fees, there is no risk thus no need for a guarantee. By the way, what is your guarantee with television, radio, outdoor, print, direct mail or any other form of advertising?

Q. How many jobs can you get me?

Each customer we bring is incremental, one you would not have received without our efforts. We have no wild dreams that we can fill your shop with new customers. One here and there will be nice though, right? As we grow we expect the number of customers we can give you to grow too.

Q. What’s the process?

Consumers call us or send in our online request form. We verify that they have a clearly defined need and want the work done right away. We match the job to the shops in the area that offer the required services for the specific make of vehicle.

We send an Lead Notification email to the matched shops. The details of the job are listed but without the consumer’s contact information. Shops that want the job reply. If more than one replies the shop with the highest Ranking (see below) gets the job.

We email the the customer’s contact information to the selected shop. We also email that shop’s profile to the consumer so they can call for a quote and to schedule a time to bring in their car.

When the customer comes in and signs your Repair Order, you send us an email so we know the amount. We email an invoice for the 10% Marketing Fee with a link to the Intuit Payment Network so you can pay with a credit card.

Q. How many other shops will be in my area?

We will accept any shop that wants to join that meets our high standards. Since only a small percentage meet our standards, participation is self-limiting. We are not charging set-up or monthly fees so signing up more shops than we can support is not a good strategy. We want at least one of every kind of shop in each market area to meet consumer demand and to offer a reasonable selection to choose from.

Q. Which shop is selected to get a lead?

Leads are sent to all shops in a market area that we match to the job. The consumers vehicle type and service needed must match and the services you offer and makes you prefer as indicated on the Application form. If more than one shop match then the shop with the highest Ranking is selected.

Q. How is Ranking calculated?

Ranking is the order #1, #2, #3… in which we select shops when more than one want a job. It is calculated based on these factors:

  1. Date accepted into program.
  2. Number of jobs assigned so far.
  3. Satisfaction of customers we referred to you.

Each factor is weighted evenly. Joining early brings a significant and permanent competitive advantage over shops that join later. This advantage can be overcome by actively participating to be awarded jobs (reply quickly to all Lead Notifications) and doing whatever possible to ensure customers are happy with your work.