How it Works


Send in the Application form indicating the types of services you offer, preferred makes and market area. We will send a confirmation that you are accepted. We will also verify the details for your profile that is sent to consumers.


Match We match jobs to shops by:

  1. Location
  2. Services offered
  3. Vehicle makes preferred


Lead Notification We send a Lead Notification email to all matched shops. The details of the job are listed but without the consumer’s contact information.


Reply Shops that want the job reply.


Select Shop If more than one shop replies, the one with the highest Ranking gets the job. Ranking is the order (*#1, #2, #3…) calculated considering:

  1. Date accepted into program.
  2. Total jobs you have been assigned so far.
  3. Surveys of customers we sent to you.


Lead Assigned We send a Lead Assigned email including the customer’s contact information to the selected shop. We also email the Shop Profile to the consumer so they can call for a quote and schedule a time to bring in their car.


Fee You pay a one-time per customer 10% Marketing Fee (commission) based on the signed Repair Order for the job. If that customer returns you pay no fees. We rely on you to email us the amount. We then email you an invoice with a link to the Intuit Payment Network so you can pay by credit card. There are no set-up or monthly fees.


Survey We survey customers and calculate a score that helps determine ranking and thus future jobs.