Shop Owners


Introduction for Auto Repair Shop Owners

We help motorists find a good local auto repair shop. Most have no idea how cars work or how to discern good auto repair shop from a not-so-good shop. We check all available sources of information to decide which auto repair shops will be invited to participate. We understand that no single source can tell the complete story. Combined they can provide a surprisingly accurate picture of a shop’s technical competency and integrity. The odds are vastly improved that the motorist will find an auto repair shop they can trust. There is no perfect system. Some good auto repair shops may not qualify, especially if they don’t like to join groups or take tests.


We only need a few auto repair shops for each category of automotive services in each market area. We want to be able to match a motorist with a specific service requirement and vehicle make with an auto repair shop that is expert on both, within a reasonable distance.


Shop owners tell us they don’t the risks with advertising and programs that charge up-front fees. You pay us a commission only after you get a repair job. We have no set-up or monthly fees. You are invited to consider a job and if you win it you pay a fee. We take the risks. We build our system and invest in marketing to get you jobs, then we get paid. This is another reason why we can be selective on what auto repair shops we invite to join.

New Customers for your Auto Repair Shop

Send in the Application form. We will evaluate and qualify you to participate. We will make sure you get the exact types of customers you want.