Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is between Auto Repair Ratings, a division of Sales Bounce LLC. (Company) and individual or business users of our service (Motorist) seeking information and referrals to participating providers of automotive repair and related services and products (Shops).

Services. Company provides an informational and referral service to Motorists and a marketing program to participating Shops that meet our objective and/or subjective acceptance standards.
Free. There are no fees for Users.
Term. The term will be for the period necessary to provide the requested referral services and starts upon our acceptance and acting upon a request. The term will automatically terminate after 30 days.
Indemnification. Motorist agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Company for all situations regarding use of our service including contracts with, purchases from and payments to participating Shops and also our acceptance processes and individual decisions allowing Shops to participate and receive referrals.
Best Efforts. We offer our best efforts providing listed services within guidelines as we deem reasonable considering the fees paid, your cooperation with the process and other factors.
Guarantees. Due to the many variables involved, many of which are beyond our control, no guarantees regarding applicability or specific results can be or are offered.
Intellectual Property. All information on the website or otherwise provided is the sole property of Company with all rights reserved.
Termination. Either party can terminate this agreement with or without cause upon written (emailed) notice.
Subject to Change. Terms may be changed but will not apply retroactively.
Assigns. We may assign the rights of this Agreement to another company without notice.
Disputes. Resolution will be by mediation (unless mutually waived) and then binding arbitration both using impartial services selected by Company and with the party initiating any action paying all fees.